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In a market that gets more and more demanding as time goes on, one cannot ignore the importance of the quality of the ingredients used for the elaboration of one's products. That's why AgroExport Topará S.A.C. offers you a line of baking ingredients of the highest quality, ideal for preparation of cakes, cookies, ice cream and other diverse desserts. Also, it's not only our quality that distinguishes us from the rest, but also our conduct and provisional services; we strive to work with each client with absolute transparency, simplicity, security, and responsibility.

Shelled Pecans



Right here at Topará we cultivate pecans of the Stuart variety, which are then processed according to USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) standards. The pecans have the organic certification as given by the company Skal (Holland). This certification guarantees the cultivation of the pecan without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, ecologically safe agricultural activity, and care for the environment.

The pecans are washed in their shells, then they are shelled, selected and dried int he sun (maximum humidity: 4.50%). Then they are packaged and vacuum sealed in laminated nylon bags, in carton boxes. Finally, they are stored in freezer chambers. With this we can guarantee the quality of the pecans and an ample supply throughout the year.



Shelled Whole Pecans (in complete halves): 10 Kg. box
Shelled Pecans (in large chunks): 10 Kg. box
Shelled Pecan Crumbs for baking (desserts) (in medium sized chunks): 10 Kg. box
Shelled Pecan Crumbs (in small chunks): 12 Kg. box


Shelled Whole Pecans (in complete halves): 500 g. bag
Shelled Pecans (in large chunks): 500 g. bag
Shelled Pecan Crumbs (in small chunks): 1 Kg. bag


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The honey combs from which we obtain our honey Miel Purita™ are located in the heart of the eucalyptus forests situated on the outskirts of Puquio (Lucanas, Aracucho). The producers form part of the National Confederation of Farmers (Confederación Nacional de Agricultores) and they dedicate their efforts to obtaining this 100% natural honey, which is packaged following high higiene standards.


Bulk:  Returnable Bucket (6 Kg.)
Consumer:  Labelled glass jar (600 gr.)


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Thanks to several varietal development studies and projects, the Fruit Vivary De la Quebrada®Topará has developed a selection of Silk Lucuma varieties. The fruits of these mother plantations and their respective orchards are commercialized by AgroExport Topara SAC as fresh or processed fruit. The processing consists specifically of peeling, coring, pulping and freezing the fruit following strict higiene conditions. No preservatives are added, nor is the fruit subjected to pasteurization.


Fresh Lucuma: In bulk, in a carton box, approx. 10 Kg. net weight
Processed Lucuma: Frozen Lucuma pulp, peeled and cored,
in a sealed laminated nylon bag, approx. 5 Kg. net weight. Box, 20 Kg., net weight.

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