Our company AGRO-EXPORT TOPARA S.A.C. is dedicated to the cultivation, processing and commercialization of diverse agroindustrial products.

Our family business began in 1970 when Klaus Bederski L. acquired a 100 hectare estate in the Topará Valley, Chincha, located 200 Km south of Lima. The first step was the scattering of 10 hectares of pecan seeds and diverse cashcrops such as pumpkins and lima beans. In 1985 we initiated the fruit vivary de la Quebrada ®  Topará, one of the vivary leaders in our country today. What's more, not only do we offer fruit bearing trees for plantations, we also carry out investigation and development projects to obtain new varieties with better productivity and resistance to plagues.

During the 1980s we incremented the pecan orchard by 30 more hectares, achieving our first exportation to the United States in 1994. This is how we consolidated a new company dedicated to the exportation and commercialization of our agricultural products: Agro Export Topará S.A.C. Since then, we have been exporting pecans and other agroindustrial products annually to clients in the United States and Italy, among others. In the national market, Agro Export Topará S.A.C. is one of the leaders in the commercialization of high quality pecans, offered mainly to large supermarket chains, gourmet ice cream parlors and important companies related to the baking/confectionery industry.

In 1995 we began the development of a line of products based on chile peppers. Under the brand name "Inca Flame", these products have been distributed in the United States in the gourmet markets through our commercial partner, Thomas J. Payne Market Development. All of the ají chile peppers are produced here at Topará, under strict quality control programs, always maintaining the ecological equilibrium in the Topará ravine.

A new line of products of dehidrated herbs and spices was started in 1998. These are also cultivated here at Topará. Until present, our company has signed contracts with important local infusion factories.

Since the year 2000 we have received organic certification for all of our agricultural products, given by the certifier Skal (Holland). This certification maintains us on the frontier of the world agroindustrial tendencies and allows us to offer products of the highest quality to our local and international clients.

Finally, apart from offering our own products, in some cases we represent the articles of other agricultural producers. For this we verify that the products follow specific quality standards based on our own model, which is established and guaranteed by the KBL certification.